Our bi-monthly DiPLab online seminar will welcome Chiara Belletti (PhD Candidate, Telecom Paris) and Assia Wirth (PhD Candidate, Université Paris-Saclay) for a session with two presentations : “Microworkers.com : data-driven analysis of the anatomy and development of the platform” and “Looking for Data Work in Facial Recognition Production“.

Chiara Belletti is a PhD student in economics at Telecom Paris – Institut Polytechnique de Paris. She contributes to the HUSH project.

Microworkers.com : data-driven analysis of the anatomy and development of the platform

The presentation will describe quantitatively who are the economic actors and their activity on one of the most prominent digital platform specializing in micro-tasks.

Assia Wirth is a PhD student in Sociology at the Paris-Saclay University, where she researches facial recognition technologies. She’s particularly interested in making sense of their demonstrated biases by examining the power dynamics of their systems of production. She holds a MSc in Science, Technology, and Society from University College London (UK) and a BA in Liberal Arts and Political Science from Concordia University (Montreal, Canada).

Looking for Data Work in Facial Recognition Production

This presentation examines the ways in which data work is structured, represented, and credited across the chains of production of facial recognition technologies (FRT) production. It is particularly interested in  understanding to what extent and why data work appears invisible during the final stages of this production (i.e. dataset construction, technological development and commercialization).