DiPLab actively contributes to the organization and the funding of INDL-2 conference Robotize this! The futures of automation and work

The International Conference, took place on Thursday October 3rd, 9AM to 6PM, at the McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology, University of Toronto.

Are robots coming for our jobs? The current resurgence of anxiety around automation seems to suggest they are. But other symptoms point out that robots will rather make us work more, and in new ways. And then, what kind of jobs, and what kind of robots? The robotization of traditionally gendered and racialized forms of work is not neutral. And robots will better learn to collaborate with workers if capital is to keep extracting value from living labour. This international conference will discuss the past, present, and many possible futures of automation. This needs to be approached from many different angles. Our human speakers come from media studies, engineering, technology studies, literature, and labour studies. The day will be opened by an international graduate colloquium on digital labour. We will also pay a visit to robots and do our best to befriend them.

Check our Events Page for the program of this conference.

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