Milagros Miceli, researcher at DiPLab and PhD candidate at TU Berlin, has received a Best Paper Award out of more than 1000 submissions for the paper she co-authored with Martin Schuessler and Tianling Yang. The paper is entitled Between Subjectivity and Imposition: Power Dynamics in Data Annotation for Computer Vision. It was presented at the CSCW2020 (ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work), the top international conference in the field of social computing with the second highest impact factor in the field of human-computer interaction. (See here for more publications by Milagros Miceli and her colleagues).

The paper is based on participant observations conducted at companies that specialize in data training services for computer vision systems. In their conclusions, the researchers found that data workers are by no means free in their interpretation of the images. Instead, they are firmly integrated into corporate power structures that impose meanings corresponding to the values and objectives of their clients and supervisors.

The authors produced this 5 minute video to present their paper:

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