(*) = sessions open to external participants.

Year 2021

15 Decembre : Microworkers.com : data-driven analysis of the anatomy and development of the platform (Chiara Belletti) and Looking for Data Work in Facial Recognition Production (Assia Wirth)

24 November : The Data Production Dispositif (Milagros Miceli and Julian Posada 🙂

30 June:             Diplab Summer Event

16 June:             Louise Ryan (London Met U) & Alessio D’Angelo (Uni Nottingham): COVID and personal networks (*)

2 June:              Rafael Grohmann (Unisinos): Click farms in Brazil (*)

19 May:              Abi Adams-Prassl (U. Oxford): The Gender Wage Gap in Online Labour Market (*)

5 May:               TBD

21 April:             Reading Group:              Assia Wirth (U Paris-Saclay): Alex Hanna et al (2020) Towards a Critical Race Methodology in Algorithmic Fairness https://arxiv.org/pdf/1912.03593.pdf — Elinor Wahal (ENS Paris-Saclay): Emily Denton et al. (2020). Bringing the People Back  In: Contesting Benchmark Machine Learning Datasets https://arxiv.org/pdf/2007.07399.pdf

7 April:                Internal meeting  (Website)

24 March:          Outsourcing in Germany and France – Results from a company survey (Chiara Belletti)

10 March:           Pre-submission paper about research design  (Clément Le Ludec, Maxime Cornet, Elinor Wahal and Mandie Joulin)

24 February:     Microtasking: computing with the crowd (Iraklis Vogiatzis, U. of Athens)

10 February:      Regulatory and legal changes in labor law in France (Victor Audouin, U. Paris 1)

27 January:       The history of micro-working (Antonio Casilli)

13 January:        Value Chains of AI (Clément Le Ludec and Mandie Joulin)

Year 2020

16 December:    Workshop on how to use micro-tasking platforms (Paola Tubaro, Elinor Wahal, Julian Posada)

2 December:      Results from recent fieldwork (Antonio Casilli, Maxime Cornet, Clément Le Ludec)

18 November:    Firms outsourcing decisions during the Covid crisis (Chiara Belletti)

4 November:      (skipped because Unboxing AI Conference)

21 October:        Between Subjectivity and Imposition: Power Dynamics in Data Annotation for Computer Vision (Milagros Miceli, TU Berlin)

7  October:        Welcome session for new arrivals

23 September:  Labour as a Commodity: Social Reproduction in Human-Aided Artificial Intelligence (Julian Posada, U of Toronto)

9 September:    Optimizing Microtasking Platforms from a User’s Perspective (Matthias Hirth, TU Ilmenau) 

11 August           Informal Summer meeting 2

21 July               Informal Summer meeting 1

30 June             Invited talk: Microworking in Brazil (Bruno Moreschi, Gabriel Pereira and Fabio Cozman)

23 June             SWIRL: Report on platforms (Maxime Cornet and Mandie Joulin)

9 June               Invited Talk: Three ways to study the elites in Madagascar through their networks (Linda Rua, PSL)

26 May               Working conditions and practices on Microtasking platforms (Ngoc-Phung Tran)

12 May               Training session 2: Publishing research papers (Antonio Casilli, Ulrich Laitenberger, Paola Tubaro)

28 April               Internal meeting (DMP)

22 April              Global Production Networks of Digital Labour: Hidden Human Factors in The Production of Artificial Intelligence for Health (Elinor Wahal)

17 April               Training Session 1: Research Design (Antonio Casilli, Ulrich Laitenberger, Paola Tubaro)