Our bi-monthly DiPLab online seminar will welcome Prof. Abi-Adams-Prassl (University of Oxford) for a special session on gender and online labor. The seminar will be held online on the platform Big Blue Button. To receive the link, please register by sending an email with your full name and affiliation at: contact@diplab.eu.

Professor Abi Adams-Prassl is an economist at the University of Oxford. Her work on labour economics and econometrics has been published in the leading peer-reviewed outlets in Economics, Law, and Human-Computer Interaction. She has been awarded a number of grants and prizes for her research including an ERC Starting Grant, an ESRC Future Research Leader Award and a Turing-HSBC-ONS Data Science Award for work on atypical employment & the gig-economy, and the Wedderburn Prize for her work on enforcement of employment rights in the UK.

Title: The Gender Wage Gap in an Online Labour Market: The Cost of Interruptions

This presentation analyses gender differences in working patterns and wages on Amazon Mechanical Turk. Using information on 2 million tasks, I find no gender difference in task selection nor experience on the platform. Nonetheless, women earn 20% less per hour on average. Half of this gap is explained by differences in the scheduling of work; women have more fragmented work patterns with consequences for their task completion speed. A follow up survey shows that the wage gap is concentrated amongst women with young children, who also report that domestic responsibilities affect their ability to plan and complete work online. This research has implications both for the organisation of platform work and institutions required to complement the rise in working from home.