We have the pleasure to welcome two new members in our research team!

Maria Sol Romero Goldar

I am a Master student in statistics and social science (ENS-EHSS). I also hold a Master in Migrations and Racism (Université de Paris) and a Master in Sociology (UNCuyo, Argentina). I have participated in research groups on the labour market and working conditions. I join DiPLab as a research intern on the TRIA project, on micro-work in Spanish-speaking countries.

Juana Torres Cierpe

I was born in Santiago de Chile, where in 2008 I obtained a degree in Sociology at the Universidad de Chile. After participating in different projects related to unionism and collaborating with researches for the United Nations, I moved to Germany in order to specialize in labour policies and political sciences by obtaining first a Master’s degree and later my PhD degree at Kassel University. I obtained a second Master’s degree in sociology in Paris, at the EHESS. I have been involved in various research projects, collaborating with the International Transport Workers’ Federation in London and the Southern Centre for Inequality Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa. I join DiPLab to work as a postdoc researcher on TRIA, our project on micro-work in Spanish-speaking countries.

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