DiPLab was launched in 2017 as a one-shot project focusing on micro-work in France (OPLa). It soon developed into a research program analyzing the social and economic determinants of digital platforms and AI systems. DiPLab especially focuses on the interplay of human work and technological innovation.

In 2019, the publication of the report “The Micro-work in France” [Le Micro-travail en France] raised tremendous scholarly and public interest. It was followed by two conferences: “Micro-working platforms” (Paris) and “Robotize This!” (Toronto), in collaboration with the International Network on Digital Labor (INDL).

The same year saw the inception of the European project SWIRL and of the project BOBCAT, widening the scope of DiPLab to include gig-work, freelancing, and B2B collaborative economy.

Between 2020 and 2021, three grants consolidated DiPLab into a research group. They also launched the projects HUSH and TRIA, mapping global supply chains of data for AI in Africa and Latin America. A third conference, “Unboxing AI” (Milan-online) took place in Nov. 2020. The project DiPLab TV contributed to the scientific dissemination of our results by producing an award-winning documentary mini-series.